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Ancient Mayan Message (Dresden Codex facsimile) This third edition features a full-color reproduction of The Dresden Codex that has been carefully crafted by the author Olga Judith Najarro Ibarra, to re-create the original Mayan manuscript, an archaeological and historical treasure. This facsimile should benefit in the research, study and consultation of this mysterious Mayan hieroglyphic writing. Ms. Judith Najarro has dedicated many years to hand-drawing and coloring the intricate blends of minute details that encompass the complex and fascinating Mayan hieroglyphic writing in order to ensure precision, accuracy of proportions, levels and orientation to her excellent art work that contains 78 plates, except four of them that are completely blurry. This exciting new edition is based on a comparison between several pre-WWII facsimiles of The Dresden Codex, when the codex was in better conditions. The original manuscript is still in fair shape, but several plates have suffered damage from bombings, fires, floods, mildew etc., and now are blurry; also, the plates are no longer connected in quite the same way. Originally, all of the plates were attached to each other forming a single strip of some 3.5 meters long when stretched out from their accordion folds. The original sequence of the plates were: pages 1-24 followed by 46-74, followed by 25-45. According to some historians the original manuscript was found in one of the largest Mayan cities and was supposedly sent to Europe around 1519. In 1744, it was acquired by The Royal Library of Dresden Germany, to which it owes its name. Many researchers agree that The Codex deals with: Astronomy, mathematics, astrological tables of the planets, the moon, conjunctions of solar bodies, cosmogonic theories, religion, agriculture, magic and mythology. The Mayas used tree bark for the preparation of their papyrus on which they drew and painted their colored hieroglyphs and pictures, as the highest expression of their knowledge and pictographic art. The Dresden Codex (Dresdensis Codex) is without a doubt, the most important pre-Hispanic document that has been preserved throughout the centuries. It is the oldest known book written in the Americas; of the hundreds of books that were used in Meso-America before the Spanish conquest, it is one of only 15 that have survived to the present day. This third edition facsimile elaborated by Judith Najarro, is a perfect replica of The Dresden Codex, and should inspire scientists, archaeologists, astronomers, mathematicians, historians, native peoples and the world at-large to explore into the secrets of the past and the universe.