THE YELLOW BUS (Libro en papel)

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Perfect for fans of Love and Hello, Lighthouse, The Yellow Bus from #1 New York Times bestselling Loren Long is a tender and hopeful new classic about a forgotten school bus that finds happiness and purpose in the most unexpected places--and in the journey along the way.

There is a bright yellow bus who spends her days driving. She loves carrying children from one important place to another. Every morning they climb in... Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, giggle, giggle-patter. And they fill her with joy.
As time passes, things change. The Yellow Bus gets a new driver, a new route, and new passengers, young and old. Until one day the driving stops for good, and the Yellow Bus is left on her own. And yet, no matter where she is, the Yellow Bus still finds joy and discovery in the world around her.
With stirring black-and-white artwork and powerful pops of color, The Yellow Bus is a poignant reflection on the many new beginnings life has to offer.