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Starring Kate Winslet, Stephen daldeuri directed film "The Reader - a man to read books" of the novel:

the German-speaking New York Times best-selling novel for the first time the United States ranked first, and only 1 million copies sold over "The Reader".February 1999 "Oprah Winfrey Show," a "book club" within the United States were introduced on the corner sold for more than 1 million additional book. In time, the New York Times, "with all the emotion and meaning while sidaejeok ultimately containing a novel full of hope. "The Reader" extends beyond the borders of all of these sounds sincere, "he says: reading books, showers, woohoo, and side by side so ... fifteen-year-old Autumn, I've had hepatitis for the first time she met. Her name is Hannah. A whole lot of subtlety and mysterious yeonsangin her .... Thirty-six-year-old Hannah is my first love.Disappeared without a trace one day bump into her in court and been covering her desperate secret, one which will come out .... Been like for me the secret of her love of the truth? The novel traces the relationship between GermanChannel are lawyer, Michael and an Older Woman, Hanna. Beginning with their brief affair when he is fifteen in post-war Germany, going on to narrate his discovery as a law student that Hanna had been a guard at a satellite camp attatched to Aushwitz - for which she is imprisoned. Schlink explores questions of guilt, deciet, betrayal and memory, against the backdrop of Germany's complex and equivocal response to the Holocaust. It is an immensely subtle and morally sophisticated novel, constantly playing with thereader's sympathies in a way that is profoundly thought-provoking and disturbing - This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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