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u003cpu003eu003cbu003e"A pleasure to follow [and] a lovely flexing of Griffith’s strengths in short form." u003c/bu003eu003cbu003e—u003ciu003eThe New York Times Book Reviewu003c/iu003eu003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003e“Spectacular—I've been waiting years for this book to exist.” —Maria Dahvana Headley, author of u003ciu003eBeowulf: A New Translationu003c/iu003eu003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003eu003cbru003e"If Le Guin wrote a Camelot story, I imagine it would feel like u003ciu003eSpearu003c/iu003e: humane, intelligent, and deeply beautiful. It's a new story with very old bones, a strange place that feels like home." —Alix E. Harrow, author ofu003ciu003e A Spindle Splinteredu003c/iu003eu003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003eA u003ciu003eShelf Awarenessu003c/iu003e Best of the Year pick!u003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003eA u003ciu003eVulture u003c/iu003eBest Fantasy of the Year pick!u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003c/bu003eu003ciu003eShe left all she knew to find who she could be . . . u003c/iu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eShe grows up in the wild wood, in a cave with her mother, but visions of a faraway lake drift to her on the spring breeze, scented with promise. And when she hears a traveler speak of Artos, king of Caer Leon, she decides her future lies at his court. So, brimming with magic and eager to test her strength, she breaks her covenant with her mother and sets out on her bony gelding for Caer Leon. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWith her stolen hunting spear and mended armour, she is an unlikely hero, not a chosen one, but one who forges her own bright path. Aflame with determination, she begins a journey of magic and mystery, love, lust and fights to death. On her adventures, she will steal the hearts of beautiful women, fight warriors and sorcerers, and make a place to call home. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe legendary author of u003ciu003eHildu003c/iu003e returns with an unforgettable hero and a queer Arthurian masterpiece for the modern era. Nicola Griffith’s u003ciu003eSpear u003c/iu003eis a spellbinding vision of the Camelot we've longed for, a Camelot that belongs to us all.u003c/pu003e