PIRANESI (Libro en papel)

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u003cpu003eu003cbu003eu003ciu003eNew York Timesu003c/iu003e Bestseller!u003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003eFrom theu003ciu003e New York Timesu003c/iu003e bestselling author of u003ciu003eJonathan Strange & Mr Norrellu003c/iu003e, an intoxicating, hypnotic new novel set in a dreamlike alternative reality.u003c/bu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003ePiranesi’s house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls are lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one different from all the others. Within the labyrinth of halls an ocean is imprisoned; waves thunder up staircases, rooms are flooded in an instant. But Piranesi is not afraid; he understands the tides as he understands the pattern of the labyrinth itself. He lives to explore the house.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThere is one other person in the house—a man called The Other, who visits Piranesi twice a week and asks for help with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge. But as Piranesi explores, evidence emerges of another person, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one Piranesi has always known.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFor readers of Neil Gaiman’s u003ciu003eThe Ocean at the End of the Laneu003c/iu003e and fans of Madeline Miller’s u003ciu003eCirceu003c/iu003e, u003ciu003ePiranesiu003c/iu003e introduces an astonishing new world, an infinite labyrinth, full of startling images and surreal beauty, haunted by the tides and the clouds.u003c/pu003e

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