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Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette shares her incredible journey from Canadian pop star to international music legend and spiritual teacher.
In 1995, 21-year-old Alanis Morissette burst onto the international music scene, speaking directly and vulnerably and without apology about her deeply human experiences of love, loss, and hope . . . something her fans quickly began relying on. Jagged Little Pill was raw, hypnotic, unself-conscious and surprisingly beautiful, and no one had ever heard anything quite like it. The album was nominated for nine Grammys and won five, including Album of the Year, making her the youngest artist in history to win the honor. The album would go on to sell 33 million copies, breaking the Guinness World Record of biggest selling debut, and make Alanis a household name. Sixty million records, multiple awards and international tours later, Alanis continues to imbue her art with her inimitable style and narrative: direct, clear, powerful, compelling, and sometimes shocking (even to herself).
Perpetual Becoming is memoir Alanis-style, an off-beat, captivating, searingly honest contemplation-meets-revelation on love, fame, celebrity, trauma, addiction and recovery, and the mad joy of creating and honoring your own true self, day by day. From her tender years in Ottawa as a music prodigy through the upheaval and trauma of international fame, to her search for meaning when you have everything to her current rich and fulfilling life as a multi-talented artist, wife, mother, activist, teacher, business woman and god girl, Morissette interweaves her personal story with hard-won wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, guidance, and often cheeky tips on how to live an authentic life including how to beat love addiction, find a suitable mate, deal with a narcissist, prioritize self-care, recover from burn-out, and honor your deepest impulses. Profound, profane, heart warming and laugh-your-ass-off funny, Perpetual Becoming is Alanis at her outspoken best."