ONE OF US IS NEXT (Libro en papel)

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u003cbu003eThe highly anticipated sequel to the u003ciu003eNew York Timesu003c/iu003e bestselling thriller everyone is talking about, u003ciu003e One of Us Is Lyingu003c/iu003e There's a new mystery to solve at Bayview High, and there's a whole new set of rules.u003c/bu003e u003cpu003eu003ciu003eCome on, Bayview, you know you've missed this.u003c/iu003eu003cbu003eu003cbru003eu003c/bu003eu003cbru003eA ton of copycat gossip apps have popped up since Simon died, but in the year since the Bayview four were cleared of his shocking death, no one's been able to fill the gossip void quite like he could. The problem is no one has the facts. u003cpu003eUntil now. u003cpu003eThis time it's not an app, though--it's a game. u003cpu003eu003ciu003eTruth or Dare.u003c/iu003e u003cpu003eu003cbu003ePhoebeu003c/bu003e's the first target. If you choose not to play, it's a truth. And hers is dark. u003cpu003eThen comes u003cbu003eMaeveu003c/bu003e and she should know better--always choose the dare. u003cpu003eBut by the time u003cbu003eKnoxu003c/bu003e is about to be tagged, things have gotten dangerous. The dares have become deadly, and if Maeve learned anything from Bronwyn last year, it's that they can't count on the police for help. Or protection. u003cpu003eSimon's gone, but someone's determined to keep his legacy at Bayview High alive. And this time, there's a whole new set of rules. u003cpu003eu003cbu003eAnd don't miss u003ciu003eTwo Can Keep a Secretu003c/iu003e, another "must-read YA thriller" from Karen M. McManus (u003ciu003eBustleu003c/iu003e) u003c/bu003e u003cbu003eu003cbru003eu003c/bu003e u003cbru003eu003cbu003ePraise for u003ciu003eOne of Us Is Lying: u003c/iu003e u003cpu003e "u003ciu003ePretty Little Liars u003c/iu003emeetsu003ciu003e The Breakfast Clubu003c/iu003e....u003c/bu003eso make room for u003ciu003eOne of Us Is Lyingu003c/iu003e in your bags, because this is one carry-on you won't want to put down." u003cpu003e "You'll tear through this u003cbu003ejuicy, super-funu003c/bu003e (if murder can ever be fun?) thriller." u003cpu003e "u003cbu003eA whodunit with a u003ciu003eBreakfast Clubu003c/iu003e twistu003c/bu003e...following four unique voices u003cbu003eon a chase to find the killer, this one will keep you guessingu003c/bu003e until the very, very end."--Popcrush u003cpu003e "Twisty plotting, breakneck pacing and intriguing characterisation add up to u003cbu003ean exciting, single-sitting thrillerish treat.u003c/bu003e"--u003ciu003eThe Guardianu003c/iu003e u003cpu003e "This is u003cbu003eno ordinary whodunitu003c/bu003e...surprising and relevant."--u003ciu003eUSA Today u003cpu003e u003c/iu003e

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