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"The gifted duo of Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb has done it again. "Monster Needs a Christmas Tree" is a beguiling book. The story is charming, the illustrations are great fun, and the design is superb. I know what I'm getting all the monsters in my life for Christmas." -- Ben Clanton, author of "Vote for Me," "The Table Sets Itself," and "Mo's Mustache"
"Paul Czajak's charming, memorable verse and Wendy Grieb's gorgeous illustrations breathe such life into the sweet relationship of this boy and his monster that it has caused me to re-examine my relationship with everything I imagined was living under my bed as a child. Perhaps I missed out on a lot of fun by hiding under the covers. The "Monster and Me" books are a treasure."--Dan Povenmire, Co-Creator of "Phineas and Ferb"
""Monster Needs a Christmas Tree" has all the wit and fun of the other awesome books in the Monster & Me series while having the added sparkle of holiday charm!" -- Jill Daniels, Art Director, Disney Animation
""Monster Needs a Christmas Tree" is a treasure. Wendy Grieb's gorgeous illustrations are the perfect compliment to Paul Czajak's lively prose. Kids are going to love every page of this; families will want to make this one a permanent part of their holiday traditions." -- Mark Crilley, creator of "Akiko" and "Miki Falls"
Monster Needs His Sleep reviews:
"Czajak and Grieb (Monster Needs a Costume, 2013) pair up once again for a hilarious take on the many creative ways a monster attempts to avoid bedtime. ... Sure to be a welcome choice for the going-to-bed time that never seems to end." -- "Kirkus Reviews"
Monster Needs a Costume reviews:
..".Given the jaunty flow of the story and the humorous details on every page, put this at the top of the list for unscary options come October." -- "Kirkus Reviews"
"The rhymes, quite obviously, are bouncy and irreverent, and just as much heck is raised by Grieb's cartoony illustrations of the enormous, blue, horned beast with the happy underbite..." -- "Booklist"