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Knowing what emotional intelligence is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is a step-by-step program for increasing your emotional intelligence using the four core EQ skills-self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management-to exceed your goals and achieve your fullest potential.

In this audiobook, Drs. Bradberry and Greaves offer a revolutionary program to help people identify their EQ skills, build these skills into strengths and enjoy consistent performance in the pursuit of important life objectives. This audiobook contains proven strategies from a decade-long effort to accurately measure and increase emotional intelligence.

This audiobook will also give you access to the new, enhanced online edition of the world's bestselling emotional intelligence test, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. The test will show you where your EQ stands today and what you can do to begin maximizing it immediately. The new test will:

Pinpoint the emotional intelligence strategy that increase your EQ the most
Reveal the behaviors responsible for your EQ score
Allow a second test to measure how much your EQ has increased from your efforts
With 90% of top performers high in EQ and EQ twice as important as IQ in getting where you want to go in life, who can afford to ignore it?

Please note: Listeners who purchase this title at Audible are emailed a unique ID that provides access to accompanying online material: TalentSmart's best-selling emotional intelligence test, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, which will show you where your EQ stands today and what you can do to begin maximizing it immediately.

Disclaimer: Your purchase of this audiobook includes one complimentary passcode to access TalentSmart's emotional intelligence test, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. If you purchased an edition of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 from Audible.com, your unique code is distributed by Audible.com and has been sent to the email address you registered with Audible.com. If you purchased your download from any other certified audiobook or ebook provider, please email your purchase receipt to ebook@talentsmart.com to receive your access code. If you are listening to or reading this program on loan or cannot provide proof of purchase, then access to the emotional intelligence test must be made upon separate terms with TalentSmart.

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