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Costa Rica has more to attract visitors than perhaps any other country in Central America. Surfers rave about the Pacific and Caribbean swells, adventure tourists adore white water rafting or canopying high up in the rainforest, families relax on the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, but more than anything else visitors arrive to see the wildlife of one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet.From bobbing whales to nesting turtles along the crystal clear Pacific coast, from squawking macaws to the elusive quetzal found among the many rainforests and active volcanoes, Costa Rica has long been a wildlife lover's haven. There is, in short, an awful lot to see. Combined with one of the most stable economies in Central America, Costa Rica's tourist industry is expanding like never before. Only a guide written by journalists and writers living in the country, passionate and renowned in their fields, can truly reflect all this unique country has to offer. With an emphasis on the latest and quirkiest shops, hotels, bars and art galleries, "Time Out Costa Rica" promises to be the most in-depth and culturally aware insider guide.

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