I CANT' BELIEVE IT! (Libro en papel)

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A book of incredible facts about our amazing world, bringing together information and comparisons from best-selling DK titles in a smaller size.

Can you believe that more than 1,320 Earths would fit inside Jupiter? Or that birds are descendants of dinosaurs? Or that erupting volcanoes generate an electrical storm of lightning bolts to create one of nature's most explosive combinations? Believe it!

Packed with amazing real-life photographs, cool visual comparisons, and myth-busting true-or-false questions, this book tells kids all the things they really want to know about our weird and wonderful world. From the universe and our own planet Earth to curious creatures and the amazing human body to man-made wonders and feats of engineering, this book covers it all. Find out about the biggest star in the universe, how much paper it takes to print the world wide web, how far the average person walks in a lifetime, the world's tiniest camera, and so much more.

Bringing together unbelievable facts and comparisons from four best-selling DK titles: It Can't Be True!, It Can't Be True! 2, True or False?, and Strange but True, and including additional, new images, I Can't Believe It! will certainly have kids saying exactly that as they dive into this big book of mind-boggling information.

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