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When people hear “the Cloud,” they think of cloud computing and, just a sliver of what the Cloud is today. The Cloud has grown: it represents the consummate disruptor to structure; a pervasive social and economic network that will soon connect and define more of the world than any other political, social, or economic organization. The Cloud is the first megatrend of the twenty-first century, one that will shape the way we will address virtually every challenge we face for at least the next 100 years. It is where we will all live, work, and play in the coming decades. The Cloud is where your kids go to dive into online play. It’s where you meet and make friends in social networks. It’s where companies find the next big idea. It’s where political campaigns are won and lost. Cloud Surfing is the groundbreaking book that will explain how to access the full value of the Cloud and how to embrace its possibilities. An enhanced eBook version with video and audio, optimized for color tablets, is also available. “Cloud Surfing artfully captures the first major megatrend of our century and shows us a world where hyperconnectivity is the new norm. The extraordinary access to new connections that the Cloud enables will have a profound effect on how we scale our businesses and manage our people, processes, and technology.” (Andy Zynga, CEO, NineSigma) “Tom Koulopoulos is the prognosticator of cloud-based computing, and Cloud Surfing is his crystal ball! Here he has truly captured the implications of the cloud and the way it is transforming the way we work, live, and learn. His insights into growing accessibility and the collaborative power of real-time connectivity to information and resources is an exciting and invigorating journey.” (David DeHaven, Dean, School of Info Systems/Technology Kaplan University) “Tom does it once again with his new book Cloud Surfing. Entertaining, educational, and a perspective changer.” (Carlos Dominguez, SVP Cisco Systems and The Tech Nowist)

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